Port Shepstone Junior Primary’s mission is to “prepare young people to meet the challenges of the future”. 
Principal Dell Pendock says that the school goes above and beyond the curriculum to develop the pupils as a whole. Not only does the school place emphasis on academics, but also takes pride in its high standard of art and culture. The pupils have every opportunity to explore and discover their talents and skills, as the school offers a wide range of sport, as well as choir and rhythmic dance. Creativity is boosted and encouraged through storytelling, art and poetry. The speech and drama eisteddfod takes place annually; every class participates in choral verse and is formally adjudicated.
The school has a fully equipped and functional computer lab with an excellently graded programme starting for pupils from grade R. Parents are in constant communication with the school through meetings, interviews and newsletters, while enjoying the school’s open door policy.
The dedicated staff constantly keeps abreast of the latest educational developments and the school further invests in the pupils’ safety and well-being by sending the teachers on a basic first aid course. The staff works as a team with the teachers continuously inspiring and encouraging the pupils to reach the highest levels of their abilities. 
Due to a stimulating and positive learning environment, our pupils stand out in inter-school competition, and are being acknowledged internationally for their art.
Some of the highlights in the year include the “Book Evening” when parents come to school to view the pupils’ work and purchase a new book for the school library, Sports Day and the Fun Walk.
“We stress the importance of reading because we believe that, if we can get the children to develop a love for books and knowledge, they will flourish as successful adults”.